Leos San Ella JB
APHA 747,042

2001 Bay Mare
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Note that ‘Pepper’ is a solid bred registered with the American Paint Horse Association. However, when you take a good look at her pedigree she is over ¾ quarter horse. She looks like and is built like a thick, muscular quarter horse. We have had Pepper since she was a weanling as she came from Barbra and Jarrette Johnson at Mandaree, North Dakota at the edge of the Badlands. We have two of her sisters out of the same mare and a gelding by her sire. They are ALL good riding horses that are essentials of our saddle horse bunch. The ‘Horse History’ page pictures many of them.

When Pepper was a foal at her mother’s side, a mountain lion jumped her mother. We believe that this very traumatic scare impacted Pepper’s young mind. Pepper was broke at three and used extensively for two years. She is extremely quick on her front end and excelled more in the arena than out in open country. She hunted barrels in the arena and could cut cows surprisingly fast given that she is not a small mare. However, in open country or at unpredictable times movement above her would put her into a terror making her unpredictable to ride. We believe this is from the scare with the big cat as a baby. This is otherwise the nicest, quietest mare. Her photos show her solid ranch bred looks and boy doesn’t she also look like she could halter? This mare is so fine tuned that you could back her through a very complicated trail class either on her back or at halter. With all this in mind and the awesome track record of her siblings, we decided to give her a chance as a broodmare hoping that she will pass her dependable characteristics on to her foals and NOT the terrors.

Her foals will sell at a discount to people willing to keep in touch with us and help us prove them out. This is your chance to get an awesome foundation bred foal out of ranch proven mare bloodlines. Her mother carries the proven bloodlines from the Grantier Quarter Horses (see our links). We really believe in this mare line and hope her babies continue that tradition. You are welcome to view all the mare's siblings here at the ranch or ask for photos of them at work and rest.  You can research her pedigree further online at All Breed Database. Pepper foaled big, white faced filly, Pepsi, on 6-7-10.  Please check Pepsi out for an exciting opportunity that we are offering! 

Pepper was open in 2011 and lost a set of twins in 2012. She was pasture exposed to our new perlino stallion, Walter O Rielly, for a 2013 foal and was again open. We exposed her to Radar again for a 2014 foal and had a buckskin filly, San Ella Drift JW. The resulting foal will be registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). Pepper is taking the year off for 2015. We exposed her to TRR Paddys Texas Gin for a 2016 foal, but she came up open. After being open in 2016 she has been confirmed in foal to Tex for a 2017 foal and had a bay stallion, Paddys Gin Pumbaa JW. We switched gears a bit and decided to expose Pepper back with Walter O Rielly. We are in love with her 2014 foal by him and decided we wanted to try for another. 

Leo San McCue JB
Black Overo

Coal Power McCue
Black Overo
Sir Mickey McCue
Black Overo
Kolabay (QH)
Little Leos Beauty (QH)
Cee Our Leo San (QH)
Cuppie Chip (QH)


Dyna Daves Jay (QH)

Daves Jay (QH)
Dewesun (QH)
Alice Greenough (QH)
Dyna Nodues (QH)
Union Dues (QH)
Freckles Dyna (QH) x Little Freckles (QH)

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