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Angel Lace Reed JW
AQHA 5629044

2014 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Peponita Laceyed JW
Angel Lace Reed JW<br>AQHA 5629044
AQHA 4921132

2007 Bay Mare
Sire: Playgun
Dam: Readytoware
Anyware <BR>AQHA 4921132
Baby Ruth

2003 Dun Mare
Sire: Docs Monkey Jay
Dam: Unregistered QH Mare
Baby Ruth<br> Grade
Blondy Bueno
AQHA 4599869

2004 Palomino Mare
Sire: Marlins Bueno Joe
Dam: Haste Chloe
Blondy Bueno<br>AQHA 4599869
Boon Fever
AQHA 5556894

2013 Sorrel Mare
Sire: Boon San
Dam: Six Fever
Boon Fever <br>AQHA 5556894
BP Princess Lace
AQHA 3317976

1994 Palomino Mare
Sire: SJ Prince
Dam: Miss Lacy Charm
BP Princess Lace<br>AQHA 3317976
Bueno Macy Reed JW
AQHA 5308558

2010 Smoky Black Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Blondy Bueno
Bueno Macy Reed JW<br>AQHA 5308558
AQHA 3589689

1997 Chestnut Mare
Sire: Roan Charmer
Dam: Miss Jody Relic
Charjody<br>AQHA 3589689
Docs Dolly Expert
Appendix AQHA X0595230

2001 Sorrel Mare
Sire: Docs Flying Peppy
Dam: Expert Dolly
Docs Dolly Expert<br>Appendix AQHA X0595230
Docs Fancy Roan
AQHA 4558056

2004 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: Docs Flying Peppy
Dam: Fancy Roan Belle
Docs Fancy Roan<br>AQHA 4558056
Docs Queen Rose
AQHA 4428625

2003 Sorrel Mare
Sire: Docs Flying Peppy
Dam: Sonsational Rose
Docs Queen Rose<br>AQHA 4428625
Dry Biscuit Mujer JW
AQHA 5394110

2010 Buckskin Roan Mare
Sire: Dry Pages
Dam: Red Banjoe Jay
Dry Biscuit Mujer JW<br>AQHA 5394110
Fancy Roan Belle
AQHA 3426496

1995 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: Roan Bar Dandy
Dam: Cake and Cream
Fancy Roan Belle<br>AQHA 3426496
HQ Ima Fanchy Bee
AQHA 5710936

2015 Palomino Roan Mare
Sire: HQ Rojo B Bartender
Dam: Spot Two Watch
HQ Ima Fanchy Bee <br>AQHA 5710936
HQ Jacks Rojavaquera
AQHA 5710687

2015 Sorrel Mare
Sire: Jacks Our Bartender
Dam: TJS Perfect Cowgirl
HQ Jacks Rojavaquera<BR> AQHA 5710687
Leos San Ella JB
APHA 747,042

2001 Bay Mare
Sire: Leo San McCue JB
Dam: Dyna Daves Jay (QH)
Leos San Ella JB<br>APHA 747,042
Leta Reed JB
AQHA 5154964

2008 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: My Little Kitty
Leta Reed JB<br>AQHA 5154964
Thanks Tim!

Letas Kotoa Kitty JW
AQHA 5461535

2012 Bay Mare
Sire: Kotoa Dee Evans
Dam: Leta Reed JB
Letas Kotoa Kitty JW<br>AQHA 5461535
Lily Dancer Reed JW
AQHA 5454369

2012 Black Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Lily Dancer JW
Lily Dancer Reed JW<br>AQHA 5454369
Little Sapa
AQHA 3837724

1999 Black Mare
Sire: Mia Cash Too
Dam: CJS Leroy
Little Sapa<br>AQHA 3837724
Megas Lil Starlight
AQHA 5179540

2009 Grulla Mare
Sire: Indigo Mega
Dam: Lilafur
Megas Lil Starlight <BR> AQHA 5179540
Miss Jacks Wrangler
AQHA 3707789

1998 Chestnut Mare
Sire: KP Flashy Jack
Dam: Ms Wranglers Alive
Miss Jacks Wrangler<br>AQHA 3707789
Miss Johny Reed JW
AQHA 5514071

2013 Buckskin Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Johny Bar JW
Miss Johny Reed JW<br>AQHA 5514071
Miss Sweet Baron
AQHA 5495780

2012 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: Two ID Sweet Jack
Dam: Lady Dudette Red
Miss Sweet Baron <BR> AQHA 5495780
Mujer Dewey Dial JW
AQHA 4975025

2007 Bay Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Miss Lori Jay
Mujer Dewey Dial JW<br>AQHA 4975025
Mujer Dusty Bar JW
AQHA 4857420

2006 Bay Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Crissy Dusty Jay
Mujer Dusty Bar JW<br>AQHA 4857420
Mujer Johny Bar JW
AQHA 4857422

2006 Buckskin Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Late Night Johny
Mujer Johny Bar JW<br>AQHA 4857422
Mujer Lady Dial JW
AQHA 4857419

2006 Buckskin Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Lady Tiff Jay
Mujer Lady Dial JW<br>AQHA 4857419
Mujer Lily Dancer JW
AQHA 4857421

2006 Bay Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Samis Lily Jay
Mujer Lily Dancer JW<br>AQHA 4857421
Mujer Lucy Skip JW
AQHA 4857423

2006 Buckskin Mare
Sire: Mujer Tacky Jay
Dam: Miss Lori Jay
Mujer Lucy Skip JW<br>AQHA 4857423
My Kittys Belle JW
AQHA 4870211

2006 Chestnut Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: My Little Kitty
My Kittys Belle JW<br>AQHA 4870211
My Kittys Melody JW
AQHA 5188428

2009 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: My Little Kitty
My Kittys Melody JW<br>AQHA 5188428
My Little Kitty
AQHA 2894154

1990 Black Mare
Sire: My Little Midge
Dam: Melodues
My Little Kitty<br>AQHA 2894154
Paddys Gin Fanta JW
AQHA 5411541

2011 Bay Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Docs Fancy Roan
Paddys Gin Fanta JW<br>AQHA 5411541
Peponita Laceyed JW
AQHA 5078116

2008 Chestnut Mare
Sire: Mr Salty Peponita
Dam: BP Princess Lace
Peponita Laceyed JW<br>AQHA 5078116
Peponita Roan Bar JW
AQHA 5084537

2008 Red Roan Mare
Sire: Mr Salty Peponita
Dam: Fancy Roan Belle
Peponita Roan Bar JW<br>AQHA 5084537
Peponita Stareyed JW
AQHA 5078117

2008 Chestnut Mare
Sire: Mr Salty Peponita
Dam: Charjody
Peponita Stareyed JW<br>AQHA 5078117
Thanks Jaime!

RNR Dualprescription
AQHA 5063907

2008 Sorrel Mare
Sire: Matthew Twenty Two
Dam: Fancy Copper Cash
RNR Dualprescription<br>AQHA 5063907
Sapa Hula Drift JW
AQHA 5571529

2013 Smoky Black Mare
Sire: Walter O Rielly
Dam: Little Sapa
Sapa Hula Drift JW<br>AQHA 5571529
Sapa Mia Reed JW
AQHA 5411535

2011 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Little Sapa
Sapa Mia Reed JW<br>AQHA 5411535
Thanks Matt!

SQH Time Machine
AQHA 5373766

2011 Buckskin Mare
Sire: Carlas Watch
Dam: Gabits Watch
SQH Time Machine<br>AQHA 5373766
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2009 Dun Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Baby Ruth
Taz<BR> Grade
TDM Smart Bronsin
AQHA 5525008

2013 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: Docz Coy Bandit
Dam: Bronsins Jet Dee
TDM Smart Bronsin<BR>AQHA 5525008
Tenino Page Girl
AQHA 2388546

1985 Palomino Mare
Sire: Tenino San
Dam: Lees Page Girl
Tenino Page Girl<br>AQHA 2388546
Two Tylet Jackie
AQHA 5369217

2011 Buckskin Mare
Sire: Two Eyed Red Buck
Dam: Missou Tylet Jackie
Two Tylet Jackie <BR> AQHA 5369217
UR A Little Sugar
AQHA 4420396

2003 Dun Mare
Sire: Sugar Bar Country
Dam: Princess Misty Mary
UR A Little Sugar<br>AQHA 4420396
VG Docs Peppy Rose
AQHA 4558058

2004 Bay Mare
Sire: Docs Flying Peppy
Dam: Sonsational Rose
VG Docs Peppy Rose<br>AQHA 4558058
Whiskey Up Chinks JW
AQHA 5674982

2015 Bay Mare
Sire: Whoop Up Whiskey
Dam: Blondy Bueno
Whiskey Up Chinks JW <BR>AQHA 5674982
Thanks Liz!

Zan Charm N Cash JW
AQHA 4975024

2007 Palomino Mare
Sire: Mark Of Dashtination
Dam: Zan Humming Jay
Zan Charm N Cash JW<br>AQHA 4975024
Zan Frost N Dash JW
AQHA 5254577

2009 Blue Roan Mare
Sire: Mark Of Dashtination
Dam: Zan Humming Jay
Zan Frost N Dash JW<br>AQHA 5254577
Zan Sun N Splash JW
AQHA 5433170

2010 Palomino Roan Mare
Sire: Mark Of Dashtination
Dam: Zan Humming Jay
Zan Sun N Splash JW<br>AQHA 5433170

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