VG Docs Peppy Rose
AQHA 4558058

2004 Bay Mare
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“Peppy Rose” is a big, pretty and the kindest mare you will find. She was broke as a three year old and was coming along nicely when she was injured. We were confident enough in her ability and disposition to place her in the broodmare bunch. Her paternal grandsire was Docs Flying Bar and he stood at Texas A&M University. Through him, she still has Doc Bar on her papers and Jet Smooth and Mr San Peppy just off her papers. There are two reasons we don’t have great pictures of her. 1) every time we catch and halter her, she falls asleep and 2) when she’s loose in the pasture, she’s in your back pocket and you can’t get far enough from her to get a nice picture. She really is just that nice.

Peppy Rose has had several very nice foals for us. 2010 sorrel filly, Peppy Riley Reed JW, by JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone is ranching in SD.  2012 bay colt, Bandersnatch Reed JW also by JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone.  2013 solid bay colt, Macarena Reed JW is in Texas with our good friends.  She has since been having foals with TRR Paddys Texas Gin with is a very nice cross for her. Her 2014 bay stud colt, Paddys Gin Riddle JW went to Wyoming and is not back on a ranch in North Dakota; 2015 bay filly, Paddys Gin Reba JW, is with a young girl and her family and doing very well; 2017 bay filly, Paddys Gin Zira JW just left for Wisconsin as a wedding gift and we got a message today from the Bride that said, "her calm demeanor and will to learn just amazes me!".  Please check all these links for updated pictures of her foals.

Peppy Rose is pregnant and still expecting her 2018 foal also by Tex.  We have had 2 past summers of drought and for some reason she bred up late last year.  She is in very good shape.  We are looking to part with a few or our really best mares to help pay last winter's hay bill and we just know she will be a good one no matter where she goes and give other folks nice family type babies.  She is currently in the pasture with Tex again but has not foaled yet.  Due date not certain.  She was the last one out with Tex and did not come home until November so could go as late as October but we don't think that late.  She was vet check ultrasounded in March.  She looks pregnant.  Her foals with Tex sell for between $1400-1800.

She can be offered in three options.

1. 2-in-1 with Peppy Rose still pregnant and you take her now and foal her out yourself.  No Live Foal Guarantee.  Available immediately.  $1300 (US)

2. 3-in-1 with Peppy Rose, 2018 foal and exposed back for 2019.  No Live Foal Guarantee.  And only if she foals before we pull studs. Available the end of August $2000(US)

3.  2-in-1 with Peppy Rose and 2018 foal but born too late to be exposed for 2019.  $1700 (US)

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Docs Flying Peppy

Docís Flying Bar
Doc Bar
Flying Mable
Miss Sizota Smooth
Sizota San Peppy x Mr San Peppy
Stacy Smooth x Jet Smooth


Sonsational Rose

Big Sonsation
Big Sun
Cari Copy x Kingís Copy x King
Rose Relic
Sir Relic
Buzzís Lakota Gal

2010  Peppy Riley Reed JW
2010 Peppy Riley Reed JW

2012 Bandersnatch Reed JW
2012 Bandersnatch Reed JW

2013 Macarena Reed JW
2013 Macarena Reed JW

2014 Paddys Gin Riddle JW
2014 Paddys Gin Riddle JW

2015 Paddys Gin Reba JW
2015 Paddys Gin Reba JW

2017 Paddys Gin Zira JW
2017 Paddys Gin Zira JW

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