Foals by
Walter O Rielly:
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Sapa Hula Drift JW
2013 Smoky Black Filly

San Ella Drift JW
2014 Buckskin Filly

Caballero Drift JW
2016 Buckskin Filly

Sarafina Drift JW
2017 Smokey Black Filly

Manzanita Drift JW
2021 Palomino Roan Filly

Juniper Drift JW
2021 Palomino Filly

Sagebrush Drift JW
2021 Buckskin Filly

Marlin Drift JW
2022 Palomino Stallion

Pearl Drift JW
2022 Buckskin Filly

Bedrock Drift JW
2023 Palomino Stallion

London Blue Drift JW
2023 Buckskin/Buckskin Roan Filly

Chalcedony Drift JW
2023 Palomino Stallion

Sandstone Drift JW
2023 Buckskin Filly

Cobalt Drift JW
2023 Smoky Black Stallion

Walter O Rielly
4-18-2000 Perlino Stallion
AQHA #4343282
APHA #613,648
FQHA #B.S. 593
90.234% Foundation
Genetic 5 Panel Results

Mares Pasture Exposed to "Radar" for 2024:

Angel Lace Reed JW
My Kittys Belle JW
Paddys Gin Llano JW
Peponita Roan Bar JW
Sapa Mia Reed JW

Walter O Rielly

Walter O Rielly aka Radar was added to our program in 2012 with his first foals for us being on the ground in 2013. Apparently he was named after the character Walter O Rielly nicknamed ‘Radar’ on the hit TV show M*A*S*H.

We had looked for a couple of years for a foundation Driftwood bred stallion to add to our program and believe we found what we are looking for with Radar. Our intention for Radar is to try to retain fillies from him to put back on our Paddys Irish Whiskey stallions. We feel that the Driftwood, additional Poco Bueno/King P-234 and Doc’s Jack Frost will complement our program. He goes to Driftwood four times and King P-234 ten times including through various Poco Bueno offspring.

Walter O RiellyRadar’s top and bottom sides are both deep in the breeding of the Stanley Johnston program in South Dakota. His grandsire Ciderwood was out of a mare, Poco Judy Sue, who was at one time considered the #1 mare of Mr. Johnston. Mr. Johnston was instrumental in introducing her sire, Poco Speedy by Poco Bueno, to South Dakota along with Orphan Drift by Driftwood Ike by Driftwood and Doc’s Jack Frost. Mr. Johnston’s program combined speed, disposition, size and athleticism. His program was well known across the country for producing the ‘right kind’ of horses for ranchers and rodeo participants. It’s been quoted that if a cowboy had a Driftwood, he was well-mounted. In 2007 Western Horseman magazine chose Driftwood as number five on their list of top ten ranch horse bloodlines.

According to Monnens Quarter Horses, who acquired Ciderwood in 1987 and owned him until his death, “It is with great sadness that Cider was put down and is very missed by all of us. Cider stood 15.2 hands and weighed 1,200 pounds. He has consistently produced buckskins, duns and bays with excellent minds and dispositions. He was the living epitome of the modern Driftwood horses. Anyone could handle him at any time at any place. The kids have handled and ridden him since they were little. Cider has produced offspring that are extremely quick to learn and retain the skills and knowledge while maintaining their well-known soft mouths and light sides. His progeny are winners not only in the arena but also in the hearts of those who own and love them.

Walter O RiellyWe are very thankful to have had the honor to have known and loved such a stallion. “

Radar has retained that very even disposition and he is easy to handle. He has a HUGE stride and we look forward to riding his offspring on the ranch. We are excited to introduce him to our program and hope that his offspring will be received as well as those from our other stallions. He was chosen for his bloodlines, but a bonus is that he is a perlino which means he carries two copies of the cream gene. A perlino is basically a double diluted bay. The slight orange tinge on his points are where they’ve been diluted down from black. He will always pass one cream gene to his offspring so they will all be either palomino, buckskin or smoky black.

Walter O Rielly Walter O Rielly Walter O Rielly


Walter O Rielly   
 Orphan Drift
Poco Judy Sue x Poco Speedy
 Poco King Tuck x Poco Bueno
 Miss Poco Blackmagic
 Scalawag Diamond
 Doc’s Jack Frost
 The Blazin Saddle
 Sandalwood Bay x Orphan Drift
Lacy’s Keepsake
 King Coe’s Lancer
 Kings Holiday
 Queen’s Holiday


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