Mujer Dusty Bar JW
AQHA 4857420

2006 Bay Mare
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Dusty is 83% NFQHA (F0032135).  We are very excited about this beautiful solid bay mare.  She is one of five fillies that we purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses as a weanling. She is a ¾ sister to Mujer Lily Dancer JW and they are built very similarly.  Both mares follow very proven mare lines and are closely related to several of our proven saddle horses.  You can read more about Dusty’s sire on our main mare page and about her family of horses on our horse history page.  She has Zan Parr Bar and Hancock bottomside and Jet Deck and Leo Scamp just off her papers topside.  She goes to King P-234 a fantastic 7 times!!  Dusty is a 16 hand mare and she’s built to hold a saddle and should have that same balance, smooth gait and ability to really get out and cover the pasture as well as a fair bit of speed.  She was purchased to put her bloodlines into the broodmare bunch and we are anxious to see what she can produce.  Dusty has been started under saddle.  She is very supple, flexible and athletic with a lot of energy under saddle. Dusty's 2010 bay filly, Zanzibar Reed JW, 2011 bay colt, Chewbacca Reed JW and 2012 solid black filly, Dustys Ebony Reed JW are all by JK Jay Reed.  Her foals with him will be 89.5% foundation eligible; 9.79% and 13 times to King P-234; and HERDA N/N because both dam and sire are N/N.  Her 2010 and 2012 fillies stayed in ND.  Dusty’s 2012 colt joined a ranch in Nebraska. Dusty was pasture exposed to TRR Paddys Texas Gin for 2013 and had a gorgeous dark bay filly, Paddys Gin Zumba JW who went to Colorado. She was exposed to “Tex” again for 2014 and had another bay filly, Paddys Gin Crissy JW who went to California. Dusty was not bred for a 2015 foal. She was exposed to Walter O Rielly for a 2016 foal in hopes for a filly to keep for our program, but had a palomino stallion, Mujer Duster DriftJW, instead. Dusty had another good looking palomino stallion,Timon Drift JW in 2017. We exposed her to JK Jay Reed for 2018 and 2019 foals to see if we could create another full sibling to the awesome Zanzibar that she had in 2010 and we did. She had a solid bay filly, Venezuela Reed JW in 2018 and solid black filly, Jasmine Reed JW in 2019.  They are both keeper fillies for us at this time. 

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Mujer Tacky Jay

Caballero Mujer
Beau Bar Mujer x Beau Bonanza
Patsy Caballero x Roy’s Caballero
Miss Rovin Tacky
Rovin’ Jet x Jet Deck
Miss Tacky x Leo Scamp x Leo Tag


Crissy Dusty Jay

LJ Banjoe Jay
Zans Banjoe x Zan Parr Junior x Zan Parr Bar
Dew Lori Jay
Dusty Dew Jay
Darn Jay Dew x Dewesun
Dusty Moon Glo x Moon Hancock

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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