Mujer Johny Bar JW
AQHA 4857422

2006 Buckskin Mare
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Johny is 81% NFQHA (F0032134).  This is a unique buckskin mare.  Her only white is a partial white rear pastern.  She appears amber champagne, but she does not have the mottled skin.  All of her points are brown and she has an iridescent sheen to her hair.  Her sire, Mujer Tacky Jay had amber colored eyes.  You can read more about him on our main mares page.  Perhaps one day we will have her color gene tested.  She also has shoulder shading and sometimes appears to have a dorsal stripe, but we think it is actually countershading.  She does not have any other dun factors.  She is one of five fillies that we purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses as a weanling and we have brought her along ourselves.  She has done everything we have asked her to do.  She was started under saddle summer summer 2008 by Ella and Warren at a Craig Cameron colt starting clinic.  She is athletic and built tough with good withers, big hip, nice bone and muscling.  Johny has had two foals by JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone.  Her 2010 buckskin filly, Miss Norway Reed JW, was born 5-17-10 (Norwegian Independence Day) and is now in Oklahoma; and her 2011 dark bay filly, Queen Amidala Reed.  She foaled a buckskin filly, Swiss Miss Reed JW in 2012.  Johny goes to King P-234 five times.  Johny's foals with JK Jay Reed will be 88.5% foundation eligible; 10.01% King P-234 and 11 times to him; and HERDA N/N because both dam and sire are N/N.  She was pasture exposed to "Pine Cone" again for 2013 and had a beautiful buckskin filly, Miss Johny Reed JW.  Mujer Johny Bar JW suffered a broken knee and had to be put down and is no longer with us. We are fortunate to have retained 2011 'Amidala' and 2013 'Miss Johny' for our ranch and program.

Mujer Tacky Jay

Caballero Mujer
Beau Bar Mujer x Beau Bonanza
Patsy Caballero x Royís Caballero
Miss Rovin Tacky
Roviní Jet x Jet Deck
Miss Tacky x Leo Scamp x Leo Tag


Late Night Johny

To Little Johny
Johny Buck
Samís Dream Girl
Joy Night Jay
Dew Night Jay x Dewesun
Joy Star Jay

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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