Paddys Gin Dakota JW
AQHA 5299926

2010 Buckskin Mare
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Born 5-1-10.  Here’s our first buckskin filly by  TRR Paddys Texas Gin aka Tex making her a super nice granddaughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey.  ‘Dakota’ has no white on her legs and a very unique strip/snip that is sure to get her noticed!  We have patiently waited for our Mujer Tacky Jay fillies to reach breeding age and enter the broodmare bunch.  Mujer Lady Dial JW aka Tiff is 81% NFQHA and was purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses because her mare line is very close to several of our VERY PROVEN ranch horses.  Mujer Tacky Jay, now deceased, made a name for himself producing using horses for the family, ranch, arena and youth.  We really believe in these horse families.  We really like Tiff’s stout build and kind personality.  Dakota should be a very friendly and well-put-together filly with this mare as her mama.  The Paddys Irish Whiskey horses are making a name for themselves in everything from cutting to cowhorse events to roping horses and are very versatile—Tanquery Gin, Doc O’Lena, Docs Starlight, Poco Tivio, Peppy San Badger.   Dakota was born on a cold, rainy North Dakota spring day. 

UPDATE 11-20-10.  Dakota is a very fine filly--built just right and yet feminine.  Her dam is one of our favorites and she is a lot like her.  We could not resist including lots of pictures of the two them together--they were the most photogenic pair this summer.  Dakota will be heading to Lawson Quarter Horses where she will be started under saddle and eventually find her way to their broodmare bunch.  They are the buyers of our 2009 Paddys Gin Rocket JW  and Danny starts most of our young horses as well. 

UPDATE 12-27-11:  The current three pictures were taken 9-12-11.  As you can see she stayed a darker buckskin with her points going far up her legs and being very black.  Lawson Quarter Horses decided to get out of breeding and dispersed Dakota along with their other horses.  She was purchased and will be staying in North Dakota near Richardton.  Thanks Mack!

UPDATE 9-18-18 Paddys Gin Dakota JW aka Scotch, is owned by us with Mack an Nicole Hoerner. She foaled a JK Jay Reed foal in 2017 for Mack and Nicole.

She out did herself in 2019 and produced a buckskin roan filly by Jacks Our Bartender. We will be keeping 2019 Ting Bartender JW for ourselves. We exposed her back the same way for 2020 and she had a bay roan stallion, Frisco Bartender JW.  She is exposed to Jack again for a 2021 and had a buckskin/buckskin roan filly, Cedar Bartender JW. She is exposed to Jack again and had a 2022 buckskin roan filly, Reef Bartender JW. She is turned back out with Jack for a 2023 foal. 

Genetic 5 Panel Results

TRR Paddys Texas Gin

Paddys Irish Whiskey
Peppy San Badger
Docs Starlight x Doc Bar
TRR Miss Bay Gin
Tanquery Gin x Doc O Lena
Right On Able Mable x Right On Tivio


Mujer Lady Dial JW

Mujer Tacky Jay
Cabellero Mujer x Beau Bar Mujer
Miss Rovin Tacky x Roviní Jet x Jet Deck
Lady Tiff Jay
Zans Banjoe x Zan Parr Junior x Zan Parr Bar
Lady Dew Jay x Dewesun

Photo taken by Tina Gustafson
Photo taken by Tina Gustafson

Photo taken by Tina Gustafson
Photo taken by Tina Gustafson

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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