Roses Joe Reed JW
AQHA 5299928

2010 Sorrel Gelding
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Thanks Schlegel Family! 

Born 6-15-10.  Docs Queen Rose aka Rose aka Speckles or Speckles Rose has come through this year with a nice sorrel stud colt that takes after her in color and higher white stockings full of speckles or spots just like herself.  Her paternal grandsire was Docs Flying Bar and he stood at Texas A&M University.  Through him, she still has Doc Bar on her papers and Jet Smooth and Mr San Peppy just off her papers.  Her bottom side may not have great names close up, but she is still a very well bred mare.  Her bottom goes back to Skipper W, Three Bars, Gold Mount, Ed Echols, Oklahoma Star, Joe Reed II, Piggin String, Flying Bob, and even Man O'War to name a few.  Big Sonsation was a great-grandson of King.  His sire is JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone, a 96% foundation bred stallion with Poco Pine, Continental King by King P-234, Joe Reed II and Whiskey Bert all on his papers.  Pine Cone has King P-234 fairly close up and goes back to him six times.  This colt has a strong dose of Joe Reed II going to him 7 times and Joe Reed 18 times as well as to King P-234 seven times same as his 2009 full brother, Roses King Reed JW.  Since we named the 2009 colt ‘King’, we are naming this one ‘Joe’.  Joe is bred to do anything and everything and he is 83% foundation and eligible for registry.  Both dam and sire have very even temperaments and Joe should inherit plenty of cow instinct as well as a shot of speed. 

UPDATE 3-8-12.  Joe is right on track to be a top gelding.  We like his balance, bone and muscle.  He is a mellow colt and does not get too riled up about anything.  If you are looking for a colt with a little flash, chrome and a few freckles in a cowhorse package, Joe is your colt.  These current pictures were of his first day being ponied and he did very well. To give a size perspective, please note that the saddle horse is 16 hands. He's UTD on vaccinations and ready to start under saddle. Congratulations to the Schlegel family on the purchase of Joe. We wish them well and look forward to hearing how he does for them.

UPDATE 7-4-14. Joe has now been sold to the Dean Levang family in McKenzie County ND. He will get the oppurtunity to be a cowhorse in Ranch & Oil country in Western North Dakota. 

JK Jay Reed

Shadow Ridin Pine
Pine Feathers x Poco Pine
Kings Katie Rose x Continental King
Christine Naugher
Whiskey Bert x Joe Reed II
Senorita 112 x Senor San


Docs Queen Rose

Docs Flying Peppy
Docís Flying Bar x Doc Bar
Miss Sizota Smooth
Sonsational Rose
Big Sonsation
Rose Relic

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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