Princess Leia Reed
AQHA 5411537

2011 Bay Mare
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Thanks Jaime! 

Born 5-3-11.  We are having a little fun by using a Star Wars theme for names this year.  OK---Take a REALLY GOOD LOOK at this filly!!!  She could well be the hidden gem in our 2011 foal crop!

‘Leia’ really is the little princess out in the pasture.  She is a beautiful, feminine ball of energy and always on the go.  Look at her head pictures and her eyes.  She is just gorgeous and has won our hearts.  She has both rear white pasterns, but they have lots of black within them and no white on her face at all.  She’s a bit petite now as a first time baby, but look at her long legs—there will be some height there eventually.  Her mother is one of our Mujer Tacky Jay daughters and she is a great first time mother.  Mujer Lily Dancer JW aka Lily is 84% NFQHA and was purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses as a weanling.  Mujer Tacky Jay, now deceased, made a name for himself producing using horses for the family, ranch, arena and youth.  There are a lot of great horses in Lily’s pedigree from Jet Deck and Leo Tag just off her papers to other greats Three Bars, Poco Bueno and old time horses like Old Sorrel.  Lily also fantastically goes back to King 7 times!  We really believe in these well established horse families and in Lily’s mare line as she is so closely bred to many of our great saddle horses. 

Leia’s sire is JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone, a 96% foundation bred stallion with Poco Pine, Continental King by King P-234, Joe Reed II and Whiskey Bert all on his papers.  Pine Cone has King P-234 fairly close up and goes back to him six times.  Leia is 90% foundation eligible with the NFQHA and will be able to go any direction from trail to ranch horse with plenty of ‘cow’ and stoutness for roping as well.  Her lines will also give you plenty of speed.  JK Jay Reed offspring have a lot of cow, speed and athletic ability as well as they have wonderful dispositions.  Check out two other JK Jay Reed riders, My Kittys Belle JW and Whiskeybertshadow JW.  Don’t forget that Leia goes back to King P-234 a combined 15 times at 9.79%!! Both dam and sire are HERDA N/N so Leia is also N/N.  She is a top contender to be a performance horse and certainly an asset to a breeding program down the road.  We will price her when she fills out a bit more.

UPDATE 4-27-13: Well we can safely say that Leia is no longer small and petite. Leia has grown and filled out and is living up to her mother's size and abilities. She certainly has the look to be top roping horse and most of the JK Jay Reed offspring have the agility for most all cowhorse events and have even chased a can or two. Leia gives every indication that she will mature close to 16 hands. She is halter broke and is soft and attentive. We decided to retain her 2012 full sister and therefore offered her for sale. She is now in Texas and will join a broodmare band down there and hopefully raise some nice arena prospects. Thanks Jaime!
$700 (US)

JK Jay Reed

Shadow Ridin Pine
Pine Feathers x Poco Pine
Kings Katie Rose x Continental King
Christine Naugher
Whiskey Bert x Joe Reed II
Senorita 112 x Senor San


Mujer Lily Dancer JW

Mujer Tacky Jay
Cabellero Mujer x Beau Bar Mujer
Miss Rovin Tacky x Roviní Jet x Jet Deck
Samis Lily Jay
LJ Banjoe Jay x Zans Banjoe
Dancing Debbie Jay

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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