Boon Fever
AQHA 5556894

2013 Sorrel Mare
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Boon Fever aka Sally was purchased October 2016 at the Return to the Remuda Sale at The Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.  She was purchased in partnership with our friends Jamie & Benny Miller with Tri-State Quarter Horses at Llano, Texas.  This young mare was raised on The Four Sixes and is bred deep with all their genetics.  She was started by the cowboys on the ranch before being bred and later offered in the 2016 sale. Sally is super thick and stout and we are all very pleased with her.  Over time we will try to improve our quality of pictures of her.

She is currently bred to The Four Sixes young stallion, Jesses Topaz, for an April 9, 2017 due date.  We plan to breed her back that same way for the 2018 foal. Jesses Topaz is a son of Mr Jess Perry and out of a Frenchmans mare by Paddys Irish Whiskey.  See the poster and pedigree info for Jesses Topaz listed here with her pictures.  Posters and picture are courtesy of The Four Sixes. Here is also his link on The Four Sixes website

Our intentions for Boon Fever are for her to remain indefinitely in Texas with Tri-State Quarter Horses so her foals each year will be located in Texas.  Breeding decisions regarding stallions will be made each year.  At this time most to all stud colts will be for sale as weanlings and fillies will be retained by either Tri-State Quarter Horses or Woroniecki Ranch Quarter Horses. Boon Fever is 5 panel NN.

Genetic 5 Panel Results

If you would like to discuss foals from Boon Fever, you may email us at or call Jodie at 701-878-4088 or Jamie at 936-615-8994

She had a 2017 buckskin stallion, Jesses Buck Shot, and was bred back the same in 2018 for a buckskin filly, Ms Boon Topaz. We have bred her again the same way for 2019. 


Boon San

High Brow Cat
High Brow Hickory
Smart Little Kitty
Boon San Sally
Boon Bar
Hula Stopa


Six Fever

Playboys Buck Fever
Freckles Playboy
Tsarina Chexanic
Sable Six
Tenino Badger
Sable Shot

Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals
Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals

Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals
Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals

Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals
Bred to for 2017 & 2018 foals

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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