Peponita Laceyed JW
AQHA 5078116

2008 Chestnut Mare
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Peponita Laceyed JW aka Geico is 92% NFQHA (F0035143). We raised this 2008 mare and she was named 'Geico' as a baby because the gecko marking on her head reminded our daughter of the Geico commercial. She has a star and strip and one white stocking. As a baby Geico was the sweetest, most feminine foal in the pasture and she really wanted to be your friend and she is still that way. This is one very nicely 'put-together' filly. She has an awesome hip and is bred with a load of cow and an old fashioned foundation pedigree that will give her that versatility. Her dam, BP Princess Lace, was an 87% NFQHA double bred Two Eyed Jack mare that was raised on the Peckenpaugh Ranch in South Dakota; puts such a nice disposition on all her foals; and raised several nice foals for us.  All of her foals have gone on to be using family type horses and we are riding two maternal brothers to Geico from BP Princes Lace. 

Geico's sire is Mr Salty Peponita, 100% FQHA, by Peponita. We love the Two Eyed Jack/Peponita combination. Check out our Work and Play page for a picture of her, as a baby, in our trailer with her mama. She is extremely gentle and very nice to be around and her disposition is first rate. Geico was started under saddle in 2010 and we continued to use her on the ranch for the next couple years.  The four most recent pictures were taken in 2013 at age 5.  She was pasture exposed to our stallion JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone for 2014 and that resulting bay filly is 94% NFQHA, Angel Lace Reed JW, who has been retained for our program. Geico went back to a ranching again for awhile and was exposed to Whoop Up Whiskey for 2018 and had a bay filly, Whiskey Up Norway JW. She is exposed back to him again for 2019.

FOR SALE:   We have had a couple years of pretty bad drought and although we have good moisture and pastures this year, we have a huge hay bill from this past winter.  This is a hard mare to sell as we she has been a favorite and we thought highly of her mama as well.  Since we have retained her 2014 daughter and are also retaining her 2018 granddaughter from this line we feel we can let her go.  She is for sale but not on sale cheap.  Geico is pregnant and still expecting her 2018 foal by Whoop.  She is currently in the pasture with Whoop again but has not foaled yet.  Due date not certain.  It is guaranteed to be a bay foal as Whoop is homozygous for black legs.  If born here and sold by us, that foal will be priced in the $3000 plus price range due to it's pedigree.  Also please note that Geico is an own granddaughter of Peponita and one if the very youngest left.  She is only 10 years old with a lot of life both for riding and breeding ahead of her.  She did have a cut to a front pastern in 2016 and we cannot guarantee her sound for hard riding but she is definitely broke.   We can obtain current video of her on pasture to show her current status.  Her ability to transport before foaling is dependent upon how close she is and how far she needs to go.  

We are offering her and her 2018 foal in a couple of package options:

1. 2-in-1 with Geico still pregnant and you take her now and foal her out yourself.  No Live Foal Guarantee.  Available immediately.  $5000 (US)

2. 3-in-1 with Geico, 2018 foal and exposed back for 2019.  No Live Foal Guarantee.  And only if she foals before we pull studs. Available the end of August $8000(US)

3. 2-in-1 with Geico and 2018 foal but born too late to be exposed for 2019.  $7000 (US)

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Mr Salty Peponita

Peppy San
Bonita Tivio
Holly’s Serena
Holly’s Salty x Hollywood Gold
Dinero Serend


BP Princess Lace

SJ Prince
Mr Rodeo Jack x Two Eyed Jack
Miss Helens Gold
Miss Lacy Charm
Roan Charmer x Strawberry Jack
Miss Midge Gold

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