Zan Frost N Dash JW
AQHA 5254577

2009 Blue Roan Mare
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Thanks Moffitt Family! 

'Blue' is a 2009 true blue roan mare and is a full sister to 2007 chocolate palomino, Zan Charm N Cash JW and 2010 palomino roan, Zan Sun N Splash JW. Their dam is a dark chestnut roan and their sire is a dark buckskin giving us three full sisters on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Blue was not purchased on color alone. She is very well bred and comes from Grantier Quarter Horses. We really like her build and disposition. Much of her pedigree is self-explanatory. She is a great granddaughter of Sun Frost, Caseys Charm and Miss N Cash. Dash For Cash and Zan Parr Bar are just off her papers. Dewesun is a grandson of Alamitos Bar and goes back four times to Johnny Dial. This is another one of those wonderful speed and cow combination pedigrees. She was started under saddle as a two year old and refreshed spring of 2012 as a three year old. We were satisfied enough with her abilities to place her in the broodmare bunch. 

She has produced three solid brown foals like peas in a pod with TRR Paddys Texas Gin.  2013 foal stud colt, Paddys Gin Tango JW who has really developed into a nice all around ranch horse; 2014 stallion, Paddys Gin Dash JW; and 2015 filly, Paddys Gin Juno JW. We switched her to Walter O Rielly for a 2018 foal and she foaled a fantastic solid smoky black stud colt with just one small star, Kyrgyzstan Drift JW.  That star is the only white she has put on 4 foals!  The first picture is of her with her 2014 colt and the next two pictures of her with her 2018 foal.

FOR SALE:  We have had a couple years of pretty bad drought and although we have good moisture and pastures this year, we have a huge hay bill from this past winter.  This is a hard mare to sell as we have such a strong family connection to her and we almost never sell any of our mares.  Blue has a fantastic stud colt at side who was born 6-27-18 and she is in the pasture with the same stud and is being exposed to him for a 2019 foal also.  Blue was started under saddle as a 2 and 3 year old but was not ridden very long.  We intended her to be a broodmare so we just briefly rode her.  Please check the links to pictures of her other offspring and to Stan.  He will be a big powerful horse at maturity and will make an awesome gelding or stallion, your choice.  If kept a stallion, he does carry one copy of the cream gene and therefore can produce buckskins, palominos and other smoky blacks/browns dependent up the mare.  We are offering her and her 2018 foal in a couple of package options:

1.      3-in-1 with Blue, Stan and exposed back to Walter O Rielly for 2019. No Live Foal Guarantee.  Available middle to end of August.  $5000 (US)

2.    Stan alone on his own. Weaning between 4-5 months of age.  $3000 (US)

3.    2-in-1 with Blue exposed to Radar for 2019. No Live Foal Guarantee.  Available after Stan is weaned.  $3000 (US)

Genetic 5 Panel Results


Mark Of Dashtination

PC Frenchmans Mark
Sun Frost
Caseys Charm
Miss Cashita
Miss N Cash x Dash For Cash
Poco War Bird x War Leo


Zan Humming Jay

Zan Parr Roany
Zan Parr Junior x Zan Parr Bar
Miss Meg 43
Humming Tiff Jay
Humming Breeze Kyd

Pictured with 2018 foal
Pictured with 2018 foal

Pictured with 2018 foal
Pictured with 2018 foal

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