Two Tylet Jackie
AQHA 5369217

2011 Buckskin Mare
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Two Tylet Jackie aka Tylie is a wonderful addition to our program and we are very excited to introduce her.  She is a buckskin mare with a star, strip, snip and two hind stockings, front right half stocking and front left pastern.  In the past we have had some nice older Two Eyed Jack/Pitzer bred mares that have niched really well with our Paddys Irish Whiskey stallions.  With those mares aging we spent the fall of 2016 researching and searching for replacement females that we felt would really step in and complement our program and you cannot find one more Pitzer bred than this one also wearing the Pitzer brand.  We purchased Tylie from Hockenson Quarter Horses in Iowa.  They had purchased her as a weanling from the Pitzer Sale.  She is a big mare that we are really excited about as a cross into our program.

Most of Tylie’s pedigree speaks for itself with all the greats.  She is a 5 panel NN daughter of Two Eyed Red Buck.  Her bottom side is very maternal.  The Joe Jack Honey Bar mares are excellent mothers and that mare line has been a cornerstone for the Pitzer broodmares.  We love that her bottom doubles up the Harlans Tyree and there is a double shot of Leo in there.  Stay tuned to see who we match Tylie up with in our program.

Two Tylet Jackie came to us bred to Hockenson’s stallion, HQ Rojo B Bartender and she foaled a very nice buckskin filly, Two Tylet Honey Bee, on 5-1-17 that has a chance to roan.  We purchased a different Rojo 2015 filly last fall and are glad to add a second daughter with this filly.  She will be a keeper for our program. We bred her to Tien Quarter Horses stallion, Two ID Sweet Jack for 2018, unfortunately she didn't take, so we through her in the pasture with our senior foundation stallion, JK Jay Reed. WOW what a foal we got! A bay stallion, Two Scotland Reed JW. He is on our keeper list as a replacement. We have exposed her to Whoop Up Whiskey for a 2019 foal. 

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Pictures courtesy of Hockenson Quarter Horses.

Two Eyed Red Buck

Mr Baron Red
Red Baron Bell
Two Eyed Patti x Two Eyed Jack
Ima Tyree
Harlans Tyree
Ima McKee


Missou Tylet Jackie

Joe Jack Honey Bar
Watch Joe Jack
Leo Bar Honey
Scarlet Tyree
Monsieur Tylee x Harlans Tyree
Scarlet Red Oil

2017 Filly
2017 Filly

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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