Peponita Stareyed JW
AQHA 5078117

2008 Chestnut Mare
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Bubbles is 91% NFQHA (F0035139). WOW!  This is a 2008 mare we raised and she was a big stout baby. Bubbles is still built that way and yet very feminine with a nice wide forehead. She is a darker chestnut with varnished legs, a small star and no other white. Her mane has a pretty blend of gray hairs giving her a unique look. She is so laid back that it is a challenge to get really pretty pictures of her and many of these do not do her justice. Her mother, Charjody, is a gorgeous 84% NFQHA double bred Two Eyed Jack with him still on the papers. She also goes back to Babe Cody by Bill Cody.

Her sire is Mr Salty Peponita,(100% FQHA), by Peponita. We always said if this filly grows up to look like her mother, have disposition like the Two Eyed Jacks and perform like the Peponitas, she will be an awesome mare; and that has come true. Bubbles was started very successfully under saddle summer 2010. She was a very calm and steady filly and just super nice to have around. Bubbles was steadily used quite a bit in 2011 and 2012 and by 2013 she easily become a go to mare for us here on the ranch. She has really grown into herself and knows a cow. Bubbles will get aggressive and get after something, but has plenty of rate to her. She is very laid back, but when she is put to a task, she gets the job done and then relaxes afterward. Bubbles is like the energizer bunny that just keeps going and going and never gets tired. We were super pleased with her and kept using her. The latest pictures are of her the summer of 2013 as a 5 year old.

Eventually we decided to expose Bubbles to our Paddys Irish Whiskey stallion, Whoop Up Whiskey.  We loved her abilities and wanted to see what her offspring coud do.  She had a 2015 bay stallion, Whiskey Up Cinch JW. He was sold is making a living as a roping horse. We then rode her a couple more years and then bred  her to Jacks Our Bartender for a 2018 foal and had a sorrel stallion, Germany Bartender JW. She went back to ranching since she was the backbone of our using string. We decided to pull her again and expose her again to Jacks Our Bartender for a 2020 and she had a sorrel filly, Del Rio Bartender JW. She is exposed back to Jack again and had a 2022 bay roan stallion, Pirate Bartender JW. She is back out with Jack for a 2023 foal. 

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Mr Salty Peponita

Peppy San
Bonita Tivio
Holly’s Serena
Holly’s Salty x Hollywood Gold
Dinero Serend



Roan Charmer
Strawberry Jack x Two Eyed Jack
Star Eyed Charm x Star Eyed Jack
Miss Jody Relic
Sir Relic
Lonely Babe x Babe Cody x Bill Cody

Pictured as a 4 Year Old
Pictured as a 4 Year Old

Pictured as a 3 Year Old
Pictured as a 3 Year Old

Pictured as a 2 Year Old
Pictured as a 2 Year Old

Pictured as a 2 Year Old
Pictured as a 2 Year Old

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