AQHA 3589689

1997 Chestnut Mare
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Charjody is 84% NFQHA (F0032133).  This is a beautiful mare with a beautiful head, big build and hip.  Lots of Two Eyed Jack and a nice shot of Babe Cody by Bill Cody on the bottom.  We can’t say enough good things about this mare.  She is so easy to be around and raises big, strong foals.  Her 2008 filly, Peponita Stareyed JW aka Bubbles by Mr Salty Peponita was retained for our program.  Bubbles was started under saddle fall 2010, has been used on the ranch and became a go-to horse for us.  Almost anybody can get along wit her and she is now off and on in the broodmare band as well.Charjody foaled three nice big chestnut stud colts by JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone. 2010 Charmander Reed JW, 2011 Charizard Reed JW, and 2014 Char B Reed JW, all going to the same buyer in North Carolina.  Charjody's foals with Pine Cone are 90% foundation eligible.  Her 2012 sorrel filly, Paddys Gin Tookie JW, by TRR Paddys Texas Gin and joined her three half brothers in North Carolina. Charjody's 2013 foal was a sorrel stud colt, Paddys Gin Jig JW, that went to Utah as a ranch horse prospect and a sire himself.  She had a 2015 buckskin filly, Cider Drift JW, by Walter O Rielly who was sold to Arizona.We switched gears for 2016 and 2017 and exposed Charjody to Whoop Up Whiskey for two bay stallions, Whiskey Up Boss JW, who went to Virginia and Whiskey Up Zazu JW who went to Missouri. For 2018 and 2019 Charjody produced foals by Jacks Our Bartender; 2018 sorrel stallion, Bermuda Baratender JW and 2019 bay roan filly, Cri Kee Bartender JW. Charjody is being retired after she weans her EIGHTEENTH and final 2019 filly.  She has been such a GRAND old mare! We are so thankful and grateful to have two of her daughters, born 11 years apart, retained for our program. We know that a lot of folks are pretty happy with all her foals over the years!

 Genetic 5 Panel Results

Roan Charmer

Strawberry Jack
Two Eyed Jack
Margie Star x Star Duster
Star Eyed Charm
Star Eyed Jack x Two Eyed Jack
EZ Georgia x George Paul


Miss Jody Relic

Sir Relic
Sir Bar
String Relic x Skippa String
Lonely Babe
Babe Cody x Bill Cody
Delta Dancer

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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