Baby Ruth

2003 Dun Mare
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Baby Ruth was given as a weanling to our youngest son by Barbra Johnson.  When we went to register her, it was discovered that Baby Ruth’s mother had accidentally been missed and not registered.  We would have needed to register her mother first.  At the time, we decided to not financially pursue getting her registered.  We have several other unregistered grade horses that ride great and are awesome individuals and set out to make her another one of those.  She was shown in 4-H as a yearling and as a 2-year-old in colt to maturity classes and was started under saddle as a 3-year-old.  She is an energetic mare and has a fast walk.  Unfortunately, she split about a third of a front hoof off and required rest and re-growth time through most of her 4-year-old year.  Spring of 2008 when we got her in to use her, it seemed that she did not handle hard use and was still favoring that foot.

Since she belongs to our son, we wanted to keep her around.  She has been helping babysit the yearlings and two year olds and sets a good example by being caught first and then used as the decoy to calm the rest when we first come to the pasture.  She has a beautiful dun color with very black points and lots of dun factoring.  Take a good look at her pictures.  Her bloodlines are accurate even without the papers to prove it.  Warren’s 73 year old dad is riding a four year old brother  (the palomino saddle gelding in several pictures on this site) by her same sire.   Her sire, Docs Monkey Jay comes from the Grantier Ranch at Winnett, Montana.  See their link on our links page.  He goes back to Dry Doc, Clarks Doc Bar, Lady Bugs Moon and Mujer Tacky Jay.  On her bottom side please note Alamitos Bar and Showdown Rick. 

This is the perfect chance to get a foundation bred foal with cow, looks and history at a very discounted price. Baby Ruth’s first TWELVE foals were all by JK Jay Reed aka Pine Cone who was 96% foundation.  She had 2009 dun filly, Taz, who went to Tennessee, registered with IBHA and showing in American Ranch Horse Association shows and eventually came back home to us; 2010 dun colt, Yogi, went to Kentucky; 2011 sorrel colt, Yoda, is in Nebraska to be ranched on; 2012 dun filly, Muff, is also in Tennessee with older sibling, Taz; 2013 dun filly, Shimmy, went to Oklahoma; 2014 solid dun filly, Chile; 2015 dun stallion, Snuffleupagus went to California; 2016 dun stallion, Maverick; 2017 sorrel filly, Cricket; 2018 dun filly, Sunkist; 2019 dun filly, The Matchmaker; 2020 dun stallion, Nacogdoches and that made TWELVE.  This was our most consistent cross as they were all ‘peas in a pod’.

JK Jay Reed has now passed, and Baby Ruth was exposed to TRR Paddy Texas Gin, for a 2021 foal. She had a fantastic bay stallion, Thyme. She had a 2022 dun stallion with Tex, Mr Krabs. She had another dun stallion, Malachite, in 2023. This will be the last foal Baby Ruth will have after 15 foals in a row!!! Good Job Baby Ruth! She will retire here with us.

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Docs Monkey Jay
AQHA #3761324

Dry Pages
Docs Dry Monkey x Dry San x Dry Doc
Bank On Gold x Clarks Yellow Doc x Clarks Doc Bar
Miss Bucky Jay
Mujer Tacky Jay x Caballero Mujer
Dusty Buck Jay


Unregistered QH Mare

Special Express
AQHA #1746055
Ad Hoc x Alamitos Bar
Chocolate Jody
Black Beauty Babe
AQHA #1816388
Ricks Dun x Showdown Rick
Silverblue Badger

Pictured with her 2012 filly
Pictured with her 2012 filly

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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