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Babies from 2013

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Docs Hustle Drift JW<br>AQHA X0708907
Docs Hustle Drift JW
AQHA X0708907

2013 Palomino Stallion
Sire: Walter O Rielly
Dam: Docs Dolly Expert
Hokey Pokey Reed JW<br>AQHA 5514242
Hokey Pokey Reed JW
AQHA 5514242

2013 Chestnut Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Lucy Skip JW
Jitterbug Reed JW<br>AQHA 5514241
Jitterbug Reed JW
AQHA 5514241

2013 Black Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Lily Dancer JW
Macarena Reed JW<br>AQHA 5520833
Macarena Reed JW
AQHA 5520833

2013 Bay Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: VG Docs Peppy Rose
Miss Johny Reed JW<br>AQHA 5514071
Miss Johny Reed JW
AQHA 5514071

2013 Buckskin Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Johny Bar JW
Paddys Gin Boogie JW<br>AQHA 5519285
Paddys Gin Boogie JW
AQHA 5519285

2013 Bay Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Mujer Lady Dial JW
Paddys Gin Bueno JW<br>AQHA 5538957
Paddys Gin Bueno JW
AQHA 5538957

2013 Buckskin Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Blondy Bueno
Paddys Gin Disco JW<br>AQHA 5539197
Paddys Gin Disco JW
AQHA 5539197

2013 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Docs Queen Rose
Paddys Gin Jig JW<br>AQHA 5538958
Paddys Gin Jig JW
AQHA 5538958

2013 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Charjody
Paddys Gin Tango JW<br>AQHA 5538959
Paddys Gin Tango JW
AQHA 5538959

2013 Brown Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Zan Frost N Dash JW
Paddys Gin Twist JW<br>AQHA 5538956
Paddys Gin Twist JW
AQHA 5538956

2013 Bay/Bay Roan Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Fancy Roan Belle
Paddys Gin Zumba JW<br>AQHA 5514061
Paddys Gin Zumba JW
AQHA 5514061

2013 Bay Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Mujer Dusty Bar JW
Sapa Hula Drift JW<br>AQHA 5571529
Sapa Hula Drift JW
AQHA 5571529

2013 Smoky Black Mare
Sire: Walter O Rielly
Dam: Little Sapa
Shimmy <br> Grade

2013 Dun Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Baby Ruth
Two Step Reed JW<br>AQHA 5558806
Two Step Reed JW
AQHA 5558806

2013 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: BP Princess Lace

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