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Babies from 2010

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Bueno Macy Reed JW<br>AQHA 5308558
Bueno Macy Reed JW
AQHA 5308558

2010 Smoky Black Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Blondy Bueno
Charmander Reed JW<br>AQHA 5300990
Charmander Reed JW
AQHA 5300990

2010 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Charjody
Docs Reed Jet JW<br>AQHA X0691120
Docs Reed Jet JW
AQHA X0691120

2010 Bay Gelding
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Docs Dolly Expert
French Sugar Guy JW<br>AQHA 5299922
French Sugar Guy JW
AQHA 5299922

2010 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: Cowbowin A Frenchman
Dam: UR A Little Sugar
Instant Cash Too JW<br>AQHA 5296321
Instant Cash Too JW
AQHA 5296321

2010 Bay Roan Stallion
Sire: Instant Cut
Dam: Little Sapa
Little Diego Reed JW<br>AQHA 5299923
Little Diego Reed JW
AQHA 5299923

2010 Sorrel Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: My Little Kitty
Miss Norway Reed JW<br>AQHA 5299924
Miss Norway Reed JW
AQHA 5299924

2010 Buckskin Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Johny Bar JW
Paddys Gin Alive JW<br>AQHA 5301042
Paddys Gin Alive JW
AQHA 5301042

2010 Bay Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Miss Jacks Wrangler
Paddys Gin Dakota JW<br>AQHA 5299926
Paddys Gin Dakota JW
AQHA 5299926

2010 Buckskin Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Mujer Lady Dial JW
Paddys Gin Laredo JW<br>AQHA 5299750
Paddys Gin Laredo JW
AQHA 5299750

2010 Bay Gelding
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Mujer Lucy Skip JW
Paddys Gin Rodeo JW<br>AQHA 5299927
Paddys Gin Rodeo JW
AQHA 5299927

2010 Buckskin Stallion
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: BP Princess Lace
Paddys Gin Shasta JW<br>AQHA 5299925
Paddys Gin Shasta JW
AQHA 5299925

2010 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: TRR Paddys Texas Gin
Dam: Fancy Roan Belle
Peppy Riley Reed JW<br>AQHA 5363905
Peppy Riley Reed JW
AQHA 5363905

2010 Sorrel Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: VG Docs Peppy Rose
Pepsi<br>Will not be registered
Will not be registered

2010 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Leos San Ella JB
Roses Joe Reed JW<br>AQHA 5299928
Roses Joe Reed JW
AQHA 5299928

2010 Sorrel Gelding
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Docs Queen Rose

2010 Dun Stallion
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Baby Ruth
Zanzibar Reed JW<br>AQHA 5299760
Zanzibar Reed JW
AQHA 5299760

2010 Bay Mare
Sire: JK Jay Reed
Dam: Mujer Dusty Bar JW

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